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  • Grounding
    You’ll get more done in the first 5 minutes of your day than the rest of your day by just lying in bed, eyes wide open, accepting the plan your subconscious is feeding you for that day. Wear an electrical wire on your body that is grounded to the Earth. Do this every other night.…
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  • Ozone and rat nasty jobs:
    Q. My air mover is contaminated in the inside from doing too many rat nasty jobs. How can Iget the odor out of my air mover because it’s just spreading contamination. A. Strap an Any Fan Ozone generator onto it once in awhile and get paid to deodorize thewhole place – including your fans. Q.…
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  • What do you guys use to clean your Jets other than taking them out
    You’re not going to be able to clean your jets without taking them out. The best tool for cleaning jets once you do take them out is this thin little wire designed to work for all the jets, even the tiny Low Flow jets. Best to do what these guys are saying, use lots of…
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  • All about Jets for your Wands
    A few of you have asked how the drip stopper works. I did my best to explain it with words: There is ball and spring and cap inside each jet that acts as a drip stopper or ‘check valve’ preventing water from dripping from the jet when the trigger valve is closed. the spring pushes…
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  • International solution hose orders
    Hi Joe, May I please have a quote for the following: High Heat Solution Hose – 200ft Length – Green Medium color – Stainless Gator Crimps – Green Ultimate QDs – Joe Valve at female end Address for shipping is: … New Zealand It’s mainly the shipping That will determine if it’s feasible for me,…
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