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Category: Carpet Cleaning Hose

Should I drop the 1.5″ whip hose?

If you’re wondering if it will give you better airflow if you drop the 1.5″ whip and come to your 1.5″ wand with a 2″ hose… The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY. Fact – in every series of cfm (airflow) tests* we’ve done, if you sort the results on best cfm at top and worst cfm…
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Gators and Thermalplastic hose

There seems to be unhappiness among guys using Gators with thermalplastic hose, Parker Parflesx and OEM. In my opinion, it’s the hose.  OEM is still kind of new. There’s still some variability in the production.  But overall it’s a good hose if you like thermalplastic. The crimps are fundamentally the same once installed, inner sleeve/outer…
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To hide a hose ? … or not.

We tested hide-a-hose. Pros convenient having the solution hose hiding inside vac hose Cons reduces cfm (airflow) about 15% per 50 feet. cools off the water temps from wind chill factor of air rushing through hose a permanent change that is hard to undo can catch debris on hose does not extend life of solution…
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Alcohol-Free Sanitizer & Cleaner In One Formula

Alcohol based sanitizers are known to dry the skin. What has been your experience? What is the cost per gallon of the alcohol sanitizers you’ve used? Soils and Oils + White Knight sanitizer costs about $5/gallon. I don’t sell a sanitizer per se. I am teaching you to combine Soils and Oils (an excellent surfactant blend that…
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Should I Buy Goodyear Solution Hose?

A carpet cleaner asks: “Need some good quality Goodyear solution hose. Where do you guys get yours from? I got raptor last time and its transferring blue to the stairs now.” Goodyear is known to fail at, or before one years’ use. With that as the ‘average’ can we do any better? Ask anybody who…
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Cool Cuffs™ and Max Vac Pac

Okay, let’s talk Cool Cuffs™. Long overdue video here. We’re going to start with the 2” Swivel Set, and see the parts involved for that. All the Cool Cuffs™ are on You can use the little magnifying glass to search on the words I’m about to say, if you want to find these parts…
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