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Category: Carpet Cleaning Wands

Wand Selection & Butler Comparison

A customer asks for my wand recommendation; specifically, he wants a comparison of my wands to the Butler wand.  OK. In my biased opinion…  All my wands are custom made, built-to-suit. You have several choices not available with any other wand purchase.  VT14 is a descendent of the Butler wand.  So many improvements over Butler…
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Why get the Silver Bullet?

There are four main things we’re trying to accomplish with the Silver Bullet: 1) less restrictive airflow – The loose mesh stainless basket and the long-life breathable nylon mesh Liners combine to catch even the smallest sand yet  keep the air flowing right up to the point where the filter is completely full inside, 2)…
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Installing a High Shear Kit on the Evolution (EVO) Carpet Cleaning Wand

Okay let’s talk about High Shear Kits in general and the Evolution high shear kit specifically. Here’s the Evolution 13. I’ve made probably a couple of hundred of these for guys It’s really worked well. Let’s see. Here’s the template hardware I made for it. I add arc brackets, four jet spray bar, sell it…
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How Often Should I Change My Jets?

Never use brass jets in your wand or any too that you need an even cleaning path. Go stainless. When I first started selling, most of the wands were using brass jets. Now only a few people sell brass jets on the wands they make – the ones who are trying to fool you on…
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Whose Got the Best Jets???

Those other jets, let’s call them the industry standard, does not make them better. I sold them for years but not anymore. I make my own jets. Have been making my own close to 10 years now. Mine are better in all respects: 304ss, available in a 1/8″ vjet style (the preferred style of all…
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