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Category: Sprayers

What’s the Best Inline Injection sprayer?

I’ve repaired 1,000s of injectors over the years; mostly the ones mentioned here. Over 90% are fixable. I only charge for parts, not labor. Watch the Injector Swap Program Video. The Swap Program minimizes downtime and saves you from having to worry about these things not working.   I never really wanted to make an…
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Injector Swap Program

As a professional carpet cleaner you have enough to worry about. Inline Injection Sprayers shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve all been there… …you’re in the middle of a job, your injector stops working. You frantically run to the supplier. He’s too busy plus he wants $80 an hour. So he walks you over to the…
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Injection Sprayer Blues?

I get these emails from time to time… “Hello on valve injector block for 43 dollars does that including new valve and if it breaks I send it back and ya fix it, or do I need send my block in you will fix it?” ~ Michael “I was just wondering if we can send…
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