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How Often Should I Change My Jets?

How Often Should I Change My Jets?

Never use brass jets in your wand or any too that you need an even cleaning path.

Go stainless. When I first started selling, most of the wands were using brass jets. Now only a few people sell brass jets on the wands they make – the ones who are trying to fool you on value.  Don’t forget chemicals eat on brass at least as fast as heat & pressure.

I can’t believe even today one of the leading selling injection sprayers – that does nothing but spray concentrated chemicals – still comes with a brass jet.

Trigger valves should be stainless as well if used as your main tool. Brass is OK but susceptible to erosion from chemicals & pressure. Forged brass is an exception; especially if it contains lead. When the PC trigger valve (brass) dropped the lead (during the EPA’s Get the Lead Out Campaign several years ago), that valve started failing prematurely. Witness the thousands of guys who have switched to the Stainless Soft Touch. But even with forged brass, if you use Viton orings on the stem, then the shaft that the stem rides in will last for years. So go Viton too.

You want high (60-90) durometer Viton. When I first started selling, most of the wands and Quick Disconnects were using low durometer Buna or Buna-Nitrile. Many still are using these short life orings because you they are just in it for the money and guys don’t know the difference. Viton is just a much smarter choice when it comes to value. HD Viton only costs a few pennies more but basically never wears out in our world. I know. I make the Long Life Soft Touch Rebuild kit and all that guys buy are the spring and Teflon disk; hardly ever the stem.

I’ve been making & selling stainless parts and high density Viton ever since I learned how much longer they last in our trade. I’m still at it; just made an all stainless injector and my wands are all stainless too. Why not?  Please look at your suppliers in terms of whether they are trying to solve problems or create & prolong them.

All you need to do is study the except the integrity of the people making/selling these things.

A sure tipoff to the crooks in this trade is if they still sell brass jets, brass valves with mushy soft orings