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International solution hose orders

International solution hose orders

Hi Joe,

May I please have a quote for the following:

High Heat Solution Hose

– 200ft Length

– Green Medium color

– Stainless Gator Crimps

– Green Ultimate QDs

– Joe Valve at female end

Address for shipping is:

New Zealand

It’s mainly the shipping That will determine if it’s feasible for me, we are so far away from good suppliers so I understand shipping won’t be cheap!

If you could give me an estimate of your lead times to make one of these also, no doubt you’re busy (I hope you are that means more sales!)

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


Joe: I don’t quote non orders.

JP: No problem, so do I need to purchase the hose via the website first and then you can quote on shipping?

Joe: Yes, just place the order the way you want it. I will pack it tightly and get you the lowest shipping possible.

Solution hose IS heavy and expensive to ship.

Most cost-effective way to get it to you is the buck-a-foot option so at least you save on the hose.

Next most cost effective way is to fill up the donut hole in the middle to help get shipping down per item.

I’m good a figuring the cheapest shipping rate to you but I need to see the complete order so I can pack it compactly.

JP: I like your thinking sir. I do need a few other bits and pieces so I’ll work that out and place the order and we can go from there.

I think I’m more interested in the High Heat hose, I’m keen on the color and I’d consider it an investment in quality.

Thanks again, will get these orders in soon!

Joe: It’s good hose.

Watch the video on Installing Gator Crimps and practice when you get the hose.

Buy the $1/ft hose and fill up the hole with a few Gator Crimps and Hose Saver Bend Restrictors and the other bits you need. The opening the middle is only about the size of a large grapefruit when you buy the 250fter. Whatever I can’t fit it in the hole I will refund to you. Easy.

You’ll be set with hose & crimps for a few years for one truck.

JP: You’re a good man Joe, thank you for your advice!