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Is that a stinky waste tank I smell?

Is that a stinky waste tank I smell?

Bacteria offgassing (farting) is what we’re smelling.

It feeds on the foods we feed it.

Bacteria feeds on the organics in waste water & particulate (sediment, oils, foods like proteins, starches, sugars, etc).

Get rid of the food source and we get rid of the stink. Good luck.

Ever leave a waste tank half full overnight? You got a real problem come morning. Right? It’s the anaerobic bacteria thriving in the dark & wet. So the No 1 way to minimize bacteria is to drain often.

Even if you drain often, you leave sediment coating the walls and bottom of your tank. So the No 2 way to minimize bacteria is to minimize sediment and the best way to do this is to use a good inline filter.

Try the Silver Bullet. Users report it greatly reduces the time & labor spent washing out their tanks. The frequency drops from daily to monthly or even quarterly!

We try to kill ’em with chemicals but bacteria learns to survive/thrive in any/all the chemicals we use – acid (rinses), base (presprays), oxidizers (presprays/urine treatments), reducers (??), probiotics and competing organic pathogenic bacteria.

Your tank gets hit by all these regularly … except reducers.

So the No 3 way to minimize bacteria is to use reducers in your chemistry. It’s like Tyson’s right hook, oughta nowhere… Bam.

My Rat Nasty and other of my presprays contain reducing agents. Reducers work to ‘reduce’ oxygen so they kill off aerobic types of bacteria. These and other reducers are used in some of the foods & drinks we consume – like wine. They’re safe & smart biostats.

So, although it’s impossible to kill off all bacteria, there’s some simple things we can do to help minimize it.

Minimize it (food source) and you begin to starve it (bacteria).

  1. Drain often
  2. Use a good inline filter.
  3. Use reducing agents in your cleaning.