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No Pee for Free

No Pee for Free


Client called complaining of a pet smell after I got done cleaning. A urine stain also rose from the pad after the cleaning. They called requesting I come back and remove the urine stain that rose, and treat for smell. I showed the graphic below(via text) and explained to them that they have urine in the pad and that it needs to be treated. They said they don’t want to, but just a re-cleaning. I tried to explain to them that won’t solve the problem and it would re-aggravate the smell. They insisted I come back anyway. I’m going back to re-clean, but I’m unsure whether I should treat for urine for free or not? What would you do?


As you’ve said, you know you need to do more than just clean else you’ll just piss each other off more.

Use one of the smell good products in your prespray for the perceived value.

Mine are Joedorcide, Tropical and Nectar. All 3 guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Be sure to specify that you’re doing a surface cleaning only and that if the smell persists, then you will need to come back and do some padwork – for a fee of course.

If they say yes, and they usually do, then you’ll get paid for coming back and doing it right.

If you don’t have any smell good, I’d love to send you a free sample just to see if it’s true, what I say.

You just have to promise to follow that procedure I outline here.

You could have any of the 3 in your hands by Monday, enough to clean a whole house.


There should never be a go-back for free if you learn to smell pee.

Any job that smells of pee, ask “What does it look like underneath?” They usually won’t know so you say, “well I don’t know either but I do smell what might be urine. It might be in the surface yarns or might be down in the pad. In the surface it’s easy. I can do a deep clean with my one of my special deodorizers (for a little extra fee of course) then you can check it tomorrow and if the smell has come back, then we’ll know it’s coming from the pad and we can deal with it then. OK?” Now you’re covered.  If they pass, you’re off the hook. If they call back, you get to go make some $$$.


Think ahead like this for people and usually they will be honest right back.  I never once had anybody sign a form in my career – it just puts up their defenses.  

Instead, be 100% upfront & honest with them.  

The good ones will be honest right back.

The bad ones will too usually.  

The real bad ones, well walk.