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HoseSaver™ Bend Restrictor

HoseSaver™ Bend Restrictor



Hose assemblies are prone to wear and tear, especially in high-pressure applications or when subjected to frequent bending and flexing. That’s where HoseSaver™ Bend Restrictor comes into play. It acts as a protective shield, preventing excessive bending and kinking, which can lead to premature hose failure.

Made from high-quality materials, HoseSaver™ Bend Restrictor provides superior strength and flexibility. Its rugged construction effectively resists abrasion, impact, and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding industrial settings.

Installing HoseSaver™ Bend Restrictor is a breeze. Simply slide it onto the hose assembly at the desired location, and it securely locks in place. Its ergonomic design allows for easy installation and removal, making maintenance and hose replacement quick and hassle-free.

The HoseSaver™ is the non-slip, solution hose bend restrictor with spring underlayment that restricts severe bending of the hose directly behind the crimp – where most hose failure occurs.

Like other bend restrictors, the HoseSaver acts as a heat shield when disconnecting hoses that are “too hot to touch”.

SAVE WITH: Buck-a-Foot Bulk Solution Hose

Other features of the HoseSaver™

lets air get between the hose and vinyl so there’s less moisture buildup and thus less corrosion around the crimp.

The spring has a special bend in it at the end which keeps this bend restrictor from sliding down the hose.
The HoseSaver™ was developed by wanders … for wanders.


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