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Metering Tips: Individual

Metering Tips: Individual


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Metering Tips are precision-engineered components designed for precise and controlled fluid dispensing applications. These small and intricate tips play a crucial role in achieving accurate and consistent dispensing results in various industries such as electronics, medical, automotive, and more.

With their specialized design, Metering Tips provide precise control over the flow rate and volume of fluids being dispensed. They are typically used in conjunction with dispensing equipment, such as syringe dispensers or automated dispensing systems, to ensure controlled and repeatable fluid deposition.

Metering tips, also known as metering nozzles or metering cavity, are particular components used in various functions to control the flow rate or volume of a liquid or gas. They are generally small, precision-engineered devices designed to accurately regulate the flow of fluids in a controlled manner.

These injection sprayer metering tips from Derma Engineering are available in 14 colors each with its own dilution ratio. To see specific color/ratio dilutions, click here for theĀ Metering Tip Chart.


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