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The Wash Downer™

The Wash Downer™


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Wash Downer™ – a simple tool and the key to hassle-free filtration and the end to smelly recovery tanks. Made with black foam handle, male stainless QD or brass female QD (Quick Disconnect) and 1/2″ Wash Downer Brass Jet for optimal spray pattern and high flow specifically for washing down in-line vacuum filters like the Silver Bullet.

With the advent of the Silver Bullet™ In Line Filter there was a need to clean the filter in an efficient hassle free manner. The solution is the Wash Downer.

The Wash Downer™, a simple device with an easy job.

As you roll up after each job, pop the lid on your inline filter and blast the sidewalls of the white liner. The debris falls down to the bottom and the sidewalls of the liner are free to breathe. It only takes 30 seconds and you are back to near 100% restriction-free air flow.

‘Washing down’ between jobs is the fast & easy way of dealing with waste.

Washing Down has several benefits:

  • More sanitary, never touch debris while working
  • No more time spent cleaning stainless baskets, no more stainless baskets ever! Period! Kaput!
  • ‘Wash Downing’ reduces waste tank hassles
  • An estimated 98% less debris (food source for bacteria) enters the waste tank
  • Less time spent cleaning tank, (daily maintenance becomes Quarterly)
  • Fewer ‘stinky garage’ complaints
  • Less chemicals needed in tank (bleach, Quats, enzymes)
  • Fewer objections from car wash attendants refusing you service.

30 seconds washing down or 30 minutes cleaning up. It’s your choice.

Get the Silver Bullet™ and the Wash Downer for between job maintenance and you will eliminate that daily hassle so many cleaners have grown to hate – dealing with those dirty, smelly waste tanks.


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