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Wanders Thermometer Assembly

Wanders Thermometer Assembly


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The Thermometer Assembly is a precise and reliable instrument designed for accurate temperature measurement in various applications. Whether you need to monitor temperature in a laboratory, industrial setting, or everyday use, this assembly provides dependable readings for optimal temperature control.

Featuring a high-quality thermometer and a well-designed assembly, this device ensures accurate and consistent temperature measurement. The thermometer is carefully calibrated and calibrated to provide precise readings within a specific temperature range, allowing you to monitor and maintain the desired temperature levels with confidence.

The Thermometer Assembly is constructed with durable materials to withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting performance. Its sturdy design ensures stability and accuracy, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The ultra reliable Wanders Wand Thermometer Assembly keeps you dialed in at the wand allowing you monitor your solution temperature as you clean so you can detect equipment problems as soon as they arise. You can also think of it as a permanently attached “Lie Detector“. The thermometer rests under the bend of the wand, out of the way yet remains easy to read. If you already have a Wand Thermometer and need to replace just the meter see: Wanders Thermometer

Available in two temperature thresholds : 0-300°F and 0-150°C

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Temperature Threshold

150°C, 300°F


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