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Wand Jet Buyers Guide

Wand Jet Buyers Guide

Sometimes there are just too many options for carpet wand jets and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what you really need.

First there there is the ole “brass vs stainless”. Brass is the budget option and in our opinion, unless it is for a specific, specialized purpose always go for stainless. Stainless steel is obviously a harder metal and therefore will not be worn down by water erosion as near as quickly as brass. Over the “long haul” you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck going with stainless.

Then there is spray angel represented. The spray angle on each of your jets largely depends on how many jets are on your wand as well as their position relative to each other (outside edge vs inside). Luckily for you, Wanders has done all the thinking for you on this one with our popular Wand Jet Kits

Third is overall flow or how much water

Next is whether to go with a check valve or not. Non check valved jets will drip once the the trigger valve on the wand is released requiring the need for a few more vacuum passes to ensure the carpet is adequately dry. The problem increases when you have a large array of jets (4 or more) on your wand. On large square footage jobs the extra passes can mean more bodily fatigue, longer dry times and more time on the job.

Finally, there is the filtration/screen option which simply prevents the jet orifice from becoming clogged. You’ll still need to do some regular maintenance to clear the jet screen of debris or buildup to keep adequate flow but it’s far easier than trying unclog a jet orifice.