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Wanders Jet Kits and High Shear Kits

Wanders Jet Kits and High Shear Kits

Starting to sell a few Jet kits from the store. High Shear Kits will come soon as well.
Can’t come too soon as I see a lot of guys buying the wrong jets for their wands.
I can be reached by phone 253 653-7209 or email, so don’t hesitate to ask before you buy.
Just this week I’ve had two guys get the wrong jets for their Evolution wands, the 12.5 or 13 inch model we call EVO13 for short. So I thought I’d post my response to one of these guys here in hopes we head off anymore mistaken purchases (at least for this wand) til we get it all online, jet kits and High Shear Kits.
Bottomline, there’s not a lot of freedom in which jets you use for a given wand.
You’d be wise to ask someone who sets up these wands correctly for a living.
That would be me.

Q. I have a 12 inch evo wand, as I have already purchased the jets, would I have to purchase the complete kits ? I would think an extender would solve the problem. Sean.

Joe. Which jets did you buy for that wand, and why?

Sean. So far I cannot use the v jets, as they don’t fit into the manifold of my 12 inch evo wand. What do I need to make them fit?

Joe. Evo 13?

Sean. I have measured it. It’s 12.5 inches

OK close enough. We call it EVO13 cuz the overall head is 13in.
I love this wand. Light, good airflow. Not real durable though.
I don’t recommend a jet kit for this wand. They’re too high and spread too far apart.
Instead, I recommend the High Shear Kit (HSK) I make for this wand called the EVO13 HSK.

The EVO13 HSK converts this wand from a 2 jet wand with jets way up high, to a 4 jet wand
with its jets closer for better heat at the fiber, thus better cleaning and faster dry times.

You can set the angle you want in what we call adjustable shear.
Think of shear like skipping a rock across the lake – that’s high shear.
The EVO13 HSK gives you a decent range of from medium to high shear.
Rotate the whole spraybar and vary the depth of cleaning (penetration) and thus the dry times.
Set it to penetrate dirty carpets or set it to shear not so dirty carpets.

All my custom wands all come with the HSK Kit installed, not just the EVO13.
With my HSKs, wherever you set the jets, you get even flow all across width of the head.
They are easy to adjust. No tools necessary.
You can even switch from Low Flow to Ultra High flow or anywhere in between in less a minute!
Most guys go with Medium or High flow in summer months and Low flow during the winter.

The EVO13 HSK comes to you all ready to go for $110 including shipping, US, the complete assembly including spraybar, Ultimate Jets, mounting hardware and supply line. Your choice of flow.

The optional second spraybar (4-jet) assembly comes ready, bar, Ultimate Jets and hardware for $80 delivered, US.

Ultimate Soft Touch not included.