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Whose Got the Best Jets???

Whose Got the Best Jets???

Those other jets, let’s call them the industry standard, does not make them better. I sold them for years but not anymore.

I make my own jets. Have been making my own close to 10 years now.
Mine are better in all respects:

    • 304ss,
    • available in a 1/8″ vjet style (the preferred style of all modern wanders),
    • easily readable Angle & Flow numbers as compared to the industry standard you just recommended.

Those other jets are preferred by the stock boy suppliers because it is all they have. They will tell you they have my stuff but they don’t. I fired all but a few of them years ago and kept only the few honest ones.

Now, I have offered them referral fees for sending you to me but they know if they did that, then you’d “find me” and start buying all things like this from me – all the products I have perfected specifically for you guys, real cleaners – and they’d be out of business.

Either way, they’re out of business.

Truth is Globalization changes everything. People are buying direct from the manufacturers more than ever before. This is a good thing. We know our products and support them better than any middle ma ever could. Plus you save money.

Salesmen and Stock boys are done thanks to the internet.

Be it known, I tried to help them. I offer all of them payment to refer you guys to me, but they know if they do that, then you will “find me” and start buying all things like this from me – all the products I have perfected specifically for you guys – and they’d be out of business.

If you’re reading this, then you “found me” and as you can see I am unrolling new & better products as fast as one little manufacturer can. Listen up – Rat Nasty, Greasy spoon and Purrfect Pet – all new, different, better, inexpensive, super cost effective and real money makers for you guys. So you win, not the rip off retailers. That deserves support.

So they hide me. FACT.

So are you doing your fellow cleaners any favors by recommending a jet just cuz it’s cheap? After all, that’s the only reason you gave for buying theirs, the price, right? How about recommend the people actually trying to help you?

More on mine: My jets accept the Jet Screen Filter and/or Stubby Check valve both of which I created and perfected, whereas the industry standard jets don’t have. I’d say the message is clear: they don’t care if you drip water across your clients hardwoods nor do they care if you have to shut down in the middle of job to replace their jets because theirs clogged. I care intensely because I was in your shoes.

I even made new jets to fill in the gaps created by the industry standard jets.

Bottom line, I (Wanders) has gone the extra mile to earn cleaners’ trust & support. Have they?